By Jared Sinclair.

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- Update 2/5/21: The Vanilla Game is now "feature complete"!
- Update 2/6/21: Fixed some small typos and formatting issues. Replaced the "Laborer" extra with something more permanent.
- Update 3/6/21: Updated morale rules.
- Update 3/10/21: Updated time rules to acknowledge time outside the dungeon.
- Update 3/12/21: Added armor degradation. Adjusted encounter distance.
- Update 3/18/21: Updated morale rules again.
- Update 4/1/21: Added a missing spell.
- Update 5/22/21: Changed armor encumbrance.
- Update 6/21/21: Fixed various typos and such. At the risk of proving myself wrong, I believe the core of The Vanilla Game is at a fully-stable point in its design, and is unlikely to see substantial changes moving forward. I would, however, like to make a more substantial treasure table. We'll see.
- Update 7/3/21: Clarified miscast table.
- Update 9/6/22: Adjusted costs for armor and repairing armor. Added spell description for Phantasmal Force.
- Update 12/8/22: Added Lock/Unlock spell because apparently I forgot it. Adjusted Animate Dead.
- Update 9/7/23: Added in some more spells that went missing, fixed a bit of templating in the spells.
- Update 9/12/23: Changed the miscast table a bit.
- Update 2/3/24: Inserted the updated treasure tables.
With thanks and apologies to a whole lot of people, including James Spahn, Johnstone Metzger, Daniel Proctor, Logan Knight, Brian Ashford, whoever made the backgrounds table for Dungeon Crawl Classics, Zzarchov Kowolski, Arnold Kemp, Matthew K, and everyone who listens to me whine about games on Twitter and Discord.

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Character Creation

Choose a Class

There are two options: Fighter and Magic-User.You are level 1, with 0 Experience, and 3d6 x 5gp.

Roll Your Attributes

Roll 2d6+3 for each of the six attributes: Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, and Wisdom.Fighters can reroll Charisma, Constitution, or Strength.
Magic-Users can reroll Dexterity, Intelligence, or Wisdom.

Fighter Abilities

When you kill a foe with a melee attack, you may immediately make another melee attack.You can make a number of Free Attacks each combat round equal to your level.You start play with two melee weapons and one ranged weapon of your choice, a set of light armor, and one shield.You count as skilled at tasks related to fighting.


Magic-User Abilities

You can cast spells.You can make one Free Attack each round.You start with one melee or ranged weapon of your choice, and one spell book containing three random spells.You count as skilled at tasks related to magic.


Roll a Vocation

You count as skilled at tasks related to your vocation.


Roll an Extra

1.+1d3 Strength.
2.+1d3 Dexterity.
3.+1d3 Constitution.
4. +1d3 Intelligence.
5.+1d3 Wisdom.
6. +1d3 Charisma.
7. +2 ST vs Magic.
8. +2 ST vs Poison and Death.
9. +1 AV on ranged attacks.
10. +2 inventory slots.
11.+1 Gear Bubble.
12. Roll another vocation.

Players' Rules

Attribute Checks

If you have neither the necessary skill nor proper tools for the task, you cannot succeed.If you have either the necessary skill or proper tools, roll 1d20. If the result is equal to or less than your most appropriate Attribute, you succeed.If you have both the necessary skill and the proper tools, you automatically succeed.

Saving Throws

To make a Save, roll 1d20. If the result is equal to or less than your Saving Throw (ST), you succeed.

Grit and Flesh

When you take damage, subtract the damage from your Grit.If you have no Grit remaining, subtract the damage from your Flesh instead.If you have no Flesh remaining, Save vs death. If you succeed, you pass out—wake with 1 Flesh after 1d6 Rounds. If you fail, you die.

Rest and Healing

If you have taken no Flesh damage and spend ten minutes resting, heal 1d6 Grit. If you have taken Flesh damage, you cannot heal Grit.Flesh damage can only be healed by a surgeon. In most settlements, it takes 50gp and a full day of rest for each Flesh damage healed.

Carrying Things

You have 10 inventory slots. Your weapons, armor, and treasure take up slots when you carry them.Weapons take up slots equal to the number of hands required to wield them. Armor takes up slots equal to half its maximum AC. Each slot can hold up to 200 coins and gems.Mundane adventuring gear takes up no slots—just be reasonable about how much you carry, please.

Gear Bubbles

You have 5 Gear Bubbles.At any time, you may fill in a Gear Bubble to add any piece of mundane adventuring gear to your inventory, as if it had always been there.While in a settlement, you may pay 25gp to empty all of your Gear Bubbles.

Melee Weapons

  • Small, 2gp. 1d6-1 damage. -1 enemy AC.

  • Medium, 6gp. 1d6 damage.

  • Large, 12gp. 1d6+1 damage. Two hands.

If dual-wielding one-handed melee weapons, +1 AV.

Ranged Weapons

  • Small, 2gp. 20’. 1d6-1 damage.

  • Medium, 6gp. 40’. 1d6 damage.

  • Large, 12gp. 80’. 1d6+1 damage.

Readying or reloading a small ranged weapon takes no action.Readying or reloading a medium ranged weapon takes a move action.Readying or reloading a large ranged weapon takes an entire Round (cannot move or otherwise act).

Armor and Shields

  • Light, 20gp. 2 AC.

  • Medium, 40gp. 4 AC.

  • Heavy, 60gp. 6 AC.

  • Shield, 10gp. +1 AC.

Unarmored characters have 0 AC.

Hiring Helpers

  • Craftsman, 20gp per week to craft, build, repair.

  • Man-at-Arms, 15gp per week to fight (light armor, medium melee weapon, small ranged weapon).

  • Torchbearer, 2gp per week to carry, travel.

  • Specialist, 100gp per week to perform highly-skilled tasks.

Typically, only Torchbearers and Men-at-Arms will go on adventures. You can hire up to 4 helpers at once.

Combat Rounds

At the start of each Round of combat, the GM rolls 1d6. If the result is even, the players go first. If it’s odd, the enemies go first.On your go in a combat Round, you may move a reasonable distance and take one action.

Free Attacks

If an enemy in melee does anything other than attack (move away, cast a spell, quaff a potion, draw a weapon), you may make a Free Attack.Magic-Users can make one Free Attack each Round. Fighters can make a number of Free Attacks each Round equal to their level. NPC enemies and monsters can make two each Round.

Melee Attacks

When you attack an enemy in melee, roll 1d20. If your result is less than or equal to your Attack Value (AV) and above their Armor Class (AC), then you hit them. Roll damage.If your result is either higher than your AV or equal to or lower than your enemy’s AC, you miss.

Ranged Attacks

Ranged attacks work the same as melee attacks, but at a range determined by the weapon used.When firing at greater than your weapon’s listed range, roll to hit twice and take the worse result. No weapon can be fired at more than twice its listed range.If you roll a 20 to hit with a ranged weapon, you are out of ammunition. Fill a Gear Bubble or spend half the weapon’s cost in a settlement to restock.When firing into melee, determine your target randomly.

Armor Degradation

When an incoming attack roll is equal to or less than your AC (and therefore misses), lower your armor's current AC by 1.While in a settlement, damaged armor can be repaired by a blacksmith. It takes 5gp and 1 day of work for each point of AC repaired (up to the armor's starting AC). If your armor's AC ever reaches 0, it's permanently broken and cannot be repaired.

Special Attacks

If you attack with an advantage (flanking, high ground), you have +2 AV and +2 damage.If you attack an enemy unawares, apply damage directly to Flesh, bypassing Grit.If you hit, you may forgo dealing damage to do something tricky instead: push or trip your enemy, grapple or disarm them, or feint to make two attacks with an advantage next round instead of one without.

Magic in Combat

Casting spells in combat is dangerous.You cannot cast a spell and move in the same Round.If you take damage before your go in a combat Round, you cannot cast a spell that Round. You can do something else, you just can’t cast a spell.

Casting Spells

You can always cast any spell in your spellbook, or from a scroll.You can safely cast a spell as a ritual, taking 1 hour of concentration per spell level. When casting a spell as a ritual, you automatically control it.You can cast a spell quickly (in a combat Round), but you must roll to control it. To successfully control the spell, roll equal to or under ST but over your own AC.If you fail to control a spell while casting from a scroll, the scroll is destroyed. Roll on the Miscast Table.If you fail to control a spell while casting from your spellbook, mark it Corrupted. Take damage equal to the spell's level, and roll on the Miscast Table.

Miscast Table

1.Take 1d6 damage. If you don’t take Flesh damage, your spell works as normal. If you do take Flesh damage, the spell fizzles.
2.You cast a random spell on a random nearby target, instead of your original spell and target.
3.You cast a random spell on your original target, in addition to your original spell.
4.You cast a random spell on your original target, instead of your original spell.
5.You cast a random spell on a random nearby target, in addition to your original spell.
6.Your spell affects a random nearby target.
7.Your spell has the opposite effect.
8.Your spell is half as effective.
9-10.Roll two results from this table, instead.

Corrupted Spells

When you cast a Corrupted spell as a ritual, take damage equal to the spell's level.When you quickly cast a Corrupted spell (in a combat Round), you automatically fail to control it.If you sleep 8 hours in a relatively safe location, choose one corrupted spell to purify. It’s no longer corrupted.

Acquiring Spells

When a Magic-User gains a level, they roll a random spell to add into their spellbook, or choose one from a scroll they own.If a Magic-User studies a spell scroll with a mentor (as Specialist Helper) for a number of weeks equal to the scroll’s spell level, they may add that spell to their spellbook.

Getting XP

You gain Experience Points (XP) for overcoming monsters and accumulating treasure.For each gold piece you bring from the wilds back to civilization, you gain 1 XP. Monsters give an amount of XP equal to 50 x their HD, whether killed or avoided.All XP earned is split evenly among the party, but not among Helpers.

Gamemaster's Rules


In a dungeon, time is measured in Turns and Rounds.A dungeon Turn is approximately ten minutes of in-game time. Most things characters do in a dungeon (outside of combat) take one Turn: an Attribute check, a short rest to regain Grit, searching an area.Every Turn, roll 1d6. On a 1, the party has a random encounter. Roll on the appropriate encounter table. Use 1d8 instead for especially empty areas, or 1d4 for especially busy areas.In combat, time passes in Rounds instead. A Round is approximately 1 minute of game time (therefore there are ten Rounds in a Turn). In a combat Round, a character can move a reasonable distance and take one action: ready a weapon, attack, make an Attribute check.Outside of the dungeon, time passes in 6-hour Watches. In a Watch in the wilderness, characters can travel one hex, explore a hex, or make camp and get some sleep. In a Watch in a settlement, characters can walk to and interact with an NPC or location, or find a place to get some sleep. Roll for random encounters each Watch (as for Turns), using appropriate tables for the location as necessary.


A candle, torch, or lantern lights a room. When a player lights a torch or a lantern (with a pint of oil), roll its appropriate dice and mark down the result. Lower the number by one each Turn, when they do something especially strenuous, or when they drop the light source. When the number reaches zero, the light source goes out.
- Candle, 1d6.
- Torch, 2d6.
- Lantern, 3d6.


When combat begins, determine (according to the fiction, and common sense) if one side surprises the other. If so, the surprised party takes no actions in the first combat Round.If neither side is surprised, they encounter each other simultaneously.If the encounter distance isn't immediately obvious from the fiction, you can determine it randomly. If indoors or underground, the encounter happens at 1d6 x 10 feet. If outdoors, the encounter happens at 1d6 x 10 yards.


Unless it's otherwise obvious, roll to determine an enemy's Reaction when they encounter the party for the first time.



When there's a chance that an enemy or group of enemies might lose their nerve in combat, roll Morale.- In combat with a single enemy, roll Morale at the end of each Round in which the enemy takes damage to their Flesh.
- In combat with a group of enemies, roll Morale at the end of each Round in which one of them dies.
To roll Morale, roll 1d20 equal to or less than the enemy's best ST. If successful, they continue to fight. If they fail, they run at their first opportunity—they might regroup and strike again from a stronger position.If an enemy is especially brave, roll twice and take the better result. If they're especially cowardly, roll twice and take the worse result.

Encounter Tables

For when you don't have a better table close at hand.

Dungeon Encounters

1d12Level 1Level 2Level 3
1.Bee, Giant KillerBat, GiantAnt, Giant
2.Beetle, FireBaboon, HigherApe, Albino
3. Centipede, GiantMountain LionBugbear
5. GoblinGhoulCarcass Scavenger
6.Green SlimeGnollDoppelganger
7.HalflingGray OozeGargoyle
8.KoboldHobgoblinGelatinous Cube
10.OrcLocust, SubterraneanWererat
11.Rat, GiantPixieOchre Jelly
1d12Level 4-5Level 6-7Level 8+
1.BearBasiliskBlack Pudding
2.Blink DogBat, GiantChimera
3.CockatriceBlack PuddingDemon Boar
4.Gray OozeDragon, WhiteDragon, Black
5.Hell HoundGorgonDragon, Blue
6.MinotaurHydraDragon, Gold
7.MummyOwl BearDragon, Red
8.Ochre JellyPhase TigerGiant, Stone
9.Rust MonsterSalamander, FlameManticore
10.TrollScorpion, GiantPurple Worm
11.Worm, GrayTrollSalamander, Frost
12.WraithWorm, GrayVampire

Wilderness Encounters

1.Beetle, FireBee, Giant KillerAnt, GiantAnt, Giant
2.Blink DogBearBaboon, HigherBugbear
3.CamelPantherDragon, GreenElephant
4.LionCockatriceGiant, HillGiant, Fire
5.Dragon, RedDragon, BlueHalflingGnoll
6.GoblinElfHippogriffGray Worm
9.MummySpider, Giant CrabSpider, Giant Black WidowMerchant
10.OgreTrollTrollPhase Tiger
11.Scorpion, GiantUnicornWeasel, GiantRat, Giant
12.Snake, Giant RattlerWolf, DireWyvernTroll
1.Ape, AlbinoBee, Giant KillerCrab, GiantBoar
2.ChimeraCrab, GiantBoarDwarf
3.Dragon, RedCrocodileDragon, BlackElf
4.DwarfHarpyGhoulGiant, Hill
5.Giant, HillPiranha, GiantGoblinGoblin
6.Giant, StoneMerchantLeech, GiantHalfling
8.BrigandLeech, GiantOgreMerchant
11.OrcToad, GiantToad, GiantRat, Giant
12.Phase TigerTrollTrollVampire

Enemy Descriptions

- Enemies have 1d6+HD Flesh, and HDd6 Grit.
- Enemy AV is equal to 10+HD (max. 19).
- Enemy ST is equal to 5+HD (max. 19). If they have resistances or vulnerabilities, roll twice and take the better/worse when appropriate.
- By default, enemy attacks do 1d6 damage. Enemies of HD 1-4 have one attack, HD 5-9 have two attacks, HD 10-14 have three, and HD 15+ have four.
- The "#" value is the number of that enemy appearing for a random encounter.

Ant, Giant42d46 
Ape, Albino41d63 
Baboon, Higher22d66Two attacks.
Basilisk61d64Anyone who meets its gaze directly must Save or turn to stone.
Bat, Giant21d1031-in-20 chance to be vampiric (on hit, Save or be paraylzed for 1d10 rounds).
Bear512Two attacks: claw and bite.
Bee, Giant Killer11d61On hit, stinger lodges in target. 1 damage per round until removed.
Beetle, Fire11d85Glowing glands on head and abdomen, bright as a torch.
Black Pudding1013Only damaged by fire. Splits into two smaller puddings when hit with an edged weapon.
Blink Dog41d64When they win initiative, attacks against them have -4 AV for the round.
Boar31d62Won't generally initiate combat.
Brigand12d202Plus a leader, as Fighter of level 1d6, with 1d100 x 10gp in addition to normal treasure.
Bugbear32d44+1 damage with weapons. Stealthy.
Camel22d42Won't generally initiate combat.
Carcass Scavenger31d32No damage. On hit, Save or be paralyzed for 2d4 Turns. If all opponents are paralyzed, they swallow their prey whole.
Centipede, Giant12d40No damage. On hit, Save vs poison. On fail, fall ill and -2 to all rolls for 1d10 days.
Chimera91d24Three attacks: lion head, goat head, dragon head (fire breath 3/day).
Cockatrice51d43On hit, Save or turn to stone.
Crab, Giant31d27 
Demon Boar91d46Charm Person (3/day). Lycanthrope.
Doppelganger41d64Shapeshifter. Stealthy.
Dragon, Black71d471-in-3 chance to be sleeping. Acid breath (3/day). Spells.
Dragon, Blue91d491-in-6 chance to be sleeping. Lightning breath (3/day). Spells.
Dragon, Gold111d4111-in-20 chance to be sleeping. Fire breath (3/day). Spells.
Dragon, Green81d481-in-6 chance to be sleeping. Poison breath (3/day). Spells.
Dragon, Red101d4101-in-10 chance to be sleeping. Fire breath (3/day). Spells.
Dragon, White61d461-in-2 chance to be sleeping. Cold breath (3/day). Spells.
Dwarf11d65Plus a leader, as Fighter of level 1d6+2, with a magic weapon or armor.
Elephant91d204Won't generally initiate combat. Known to worship the moon.
Elf11d44Plus a leader, as Magic-User of level 1d6+1, with a magic item or spellbook.
Gargoyle41d64Three attacks. Only harmed by magic and magic weapons. Can fly.
Gazebo916Always found sleeping on a small hill. 1-in-100 chance to wake when attacked. Immune to arrows.
Gelatinous Cube411Fills a dungeon corridor. 4-in-6 chance to surprise party. On hit, Save or be engulfed by its translucent body (1d3 damage each round until freed).
Ghoul31d63Two attacks. On hit, Save or be paralyzed for 2d4 Turns. Any beings slain by a ghoul rise again in 24 hours as a ghoul.
Giant, Fire111d25Immune to fire.
Giant, Hill81d45 
Giant, Stone91d251d4 Bears as guard animals.
Gnoll21d64+1 damage with weapon.
Goblin12d421-in-6 chance that one will be mounted on a Dire Wolf. Always have better-than-average treasure.
Gorgon81d27Always violent. Petrify breath (3/day), Save or be turned to stone.
Gray Ooze311Acidic attack ruins armor 1d6 rounds after hitting, then does 1d6 damage each round to the wearer. Immune to fire and cold.
Gray Worm61d33Swallow target whole on critical hit, 1d6 damage each round while swallowed.
Green Slime21n/aDrops from high places onto victims, or clings to limbs when stepped on. Unless removed, digests clothing and armor in 1d6 rounds, then digests the wearer in 1d4 rounds. Immune to everything except fire and magic.
Griffon714Love to eat horses.
Halfling13d62Plus a leader, as Fighter level 1d6+1, with two minor magic items.
Harpy31d62Charm (3/day). +2 to Save vs magic.
Hell Hound42d45Immune to non-magical fire. Fire breath (3/day).
Hippogriff31d64Two attacks.
Hydra3-6141d4+2 heads, one HD and one attack per head. Flesh equal to max HD. For each 6 damage, one head becomes useless.
Kobold14d42Better-than-average treasure.
Leech, Giant612One attack. On hit, latches onto victim and takes 1d6 damage of blood each round. Only releases when it or its victim dies.
Lizardfolk22d44+1 damage with weapons. Hunt other humanoids for food.
Locust, Subterranean22d105Generally won't initiate combat, but skitters away noisily if disturbed or attacked, 1-in-3 chance of provoking another random encounter roll.
Manticore61d25Instead of attacking normally, may throw one of their 6 spikes from long range, 1d6 damage each (the spikes will grow back after a few weeks).
Merchant11d203With mounts and pack animals. Will sell goods, and defend themselves from would-be robbers.
Merfolk11d203Generally keep to themselves. With a leader of 2 HD, with a minor magic item.
Minotaur61d63+2 damage with weapon.
Morlock11d122Only venture to the surface at night, have -2 to all rolls in daylight. Plus a leader, as Magic-User of level 1d6, with spellbook.
Mountain Lion31d43 
Mummy51d46On sight, Save vs fear or be paralyzed with dread until the mummy is out of sight or attacks. On hit, victim gain Mummy Rot curse, preventing any healing until the curse is removed.
Ochre Jelly511Acidic flesh eats through cloth, wood, and leather in 1d3 rounds, then does damage to flesh. When attacked with lightning or edged weapons, splits into 1d4+1 smaller jellies of HD 2 each.
Ogre41d64Carry sacks containing a total of 1d6 x 100gp.
Orc12d43Plus a leader of HD 3. +1 to damage rolls with weapons.
Owl Bear51d44 
Phase Tiger61d45Long, scaled whips growing from each shoulder. If they win initiative, all attacks against them are at -2 AV.
Piranha, Giant32d43Never check morale.
Pixie12d46Naturally invisible, may choose to become visible. Always have surprise.
Purple Worm151d23Burrowing. On hit, Save vs poison or die. On crit, swallows the target, doing 3d6 damage each round to swallowed victims.
Rat, Giant1d43d62No treasure, only trash.
Rust Monster51d47Ordinary metal armor and weapons contacting the Rust Monster instantly rust into permanent uselessness. Magic items lose their magic bonus the first time they touch a Rust Monster, then rust the second time.
Salamander, Flame81d4+17Immune to fire, sleep, and charm. All beings nearby take 1d6 heat damage each Round.
Salamander, Frost121d36Immune to cold and non-magical weapons. All beings nearby take 1d6 frost damage each Round.
Scorpion, Giant41d67Three attacks: two claws and stinger. If both claws hit the same enemy, the stinger has +2 to hit the same enemy. If hit by the stinger, Save vs poison or die.
Skeleton13d42Undead. Just trying to get by.
Snake, Giant Rattler41d44Two bites each round. On hit, Save vs poison or die in 1d6 Turns.
Spider, Giant Black Widow31d33Lays web traps. On hit, Save vs poison or die in 1d3 Turns.
Spider, Giant Crab21d42Camouflage. Leap from walls and ceiling, 2-in-3 chance to surprise. On hit, Save vs poison or be wracked with pain, -4 to all rolls for 2d6 Turns.
Stirge11d102Has +2 AV. On hit, latches on, doing 1d3 further damage every round while still attached.
Toad, Giant21d42Camouflage, 1-in-2 chance to surprise. Long tongue (as short-range weapon). On hit, yanked to mouth and bitten.
Troll61d85Weak to fire and acid. Regenerate health after three Rounds without taking damage.
Unicorn41d67Teleport with rider (1/day). Will invariably run from all but a lawful, virtuous maiden.
Vampire71d47+3 damage. Immune to charm, hold, and sleep. Unaffected by normal weapons. Can't be in sunlight. Can change into a cloud of gas or a bat at will. Can use Charm Person at will. You know, a vampire.
Weasel, Giant41d42On hit, latch onto victim for 2d4 damage each round.
Wererat31d80Can summon the aid of 1d3 Giant Rats (1/day). When dead, or after full moon sets, changes back to human form.
Wolf, Dire41d43 
Wraith41d46Incorporeal undead. Unharmed by normal weapons, half damage from silver weapons. On hit, lose 5d20 Experience, in addition to normal damage.
Wyvern71d26When hit with stinger, Save vs poison or die.
Zombie22d42Mindless undead. Always lose initiative. Never roll Morale.


For when you're not sure what to give them, and it doesn't matter that much anyway.

Individual Treasure

Roll HD times on the following table.

1d8Individual Treasure
4.1d10 gp.
5.1d20 gp.
6.1d20 gp in gems and jewelry.
7.2d20 gp.
8.Roll once on the Miscellaneous Items table.

Horde Treasure

Roll a number of times on the Horde Treasure table equal to the highest HD among enemies in the horde.

1d8Miscellaneous Treasure
3.1d10 x 10 gp.
4.1d20 x 10 gp.
5.1d20 x 10 gp in gems and jewelry.
6.2d20 x 10 gp in gems and jewelry.
7.1d6 x 100 gp.
8.Roll 1d3 times on the Miscellaneous Items table.
1d100Miscellaneous Items
31-32.Treasure map (to a 1d6 HD horde).
33.Treasure map (to a 2d6 HD horde).
34-36.Sword +1.
37-38.Sword +2.
39.Sword +3.
40.Sword +1 (+2 vs Undead).
41.Sword +1 (+3 vs Dragons).
42.Sword +1 (+2 vs Magic).
43-44.Shield +1.
45-46.Light Armor +1.
47.Medium Armor +1.
48.Heavy Armor +1.
49.Dagger +1 (+3 vs Goblins).
50.Dagger +1 (+3 vs Humans).
51-52.Shortbow +1.
53.Longbow +1.
54.Axe +1.
55.Mace +2.
56.War Hammer +1.
57.War Hammer +2.
58-60.Spear +1.
61-62.Spear +2.
63.Spear +3.
64-68.Potion (random spell effect).
69-73.Scroll (1d3 random spells).
74-76.Ring (one random spell, 1d6 charges).
77-78.Wand (one random spell, 2d6 charges).
79.Staff (1d3 random spells, 2d6 charges each).
80.Crystal Ball.
81.Amulet of ESP.
82.Two matching Amulets of ESP.
83.Bag of Money Holding.
84.Phase Cloak.
85.Elven Cloak.
86.Elven Boots.
87.Boots of Speed.
88.Boots of Levitation.
89.Flying Broom.
90.Apprentice's Glasses.
91.Flying Carpet.
92.Panic Drum.
93.Horn of Josa.
94.Ogre Gauntlets.
95.Suitor's Mirror.
96.Scarab of Protection from Religion.
97.Champion's Belt.
98.Tumbler's Pantaloons.
99.Bumblebrod's Wand.
100.Bag of Horse Holding.

Magic Weapons

Weaponry enchanted to grant bonuses to AV and damage—the listed bonus (+1, +2, or +3) applies to both. Some magic weapons have greater bonuses against specific enemy types, and grant the larger bonus against the specified enemy. In all cases, a weapon's magical properties only manifest if the wielder knows the weapon's name. Otherwise, it is identical to a mundane weapon of the same type.Each magic weapon has a 1-in-6 chance of possessing a special power. Roll a random spell effect. Anyone wielding the weapon can use that spell without rolling to control it, up to 1d6 times each day.

Magic Swords

Each magic sword possesses an ego, and a special purpose. The wielder must, at the GM's discretion, roll under their ST and over the intelligent sword's Ego to resist doing its bidding. Only a character of a level equal to or higher than a sword's ego can voluntarily put it down.Roll on each column of the following table.

1d6EgoSpecial Purpose
1.1To find a stronger warrior to wield.
2.1To slay only the most fearsome opponents.
3.1To protect the innocent and infirm.
4.2To enact tyrannical justice.
5.2To slay what is unnatural.
6.3To draw the blood of kings.

Magic Armor

Armor enchanted to grant a bonus to AC (+1) beyond that armor type's normal AC.

Amulet of ESP

Every amulet of ESP has a twin, identical in every way. Those wearing paired amulets can communicate telepathically across any distance, even from different planes or dimensions.For each pair of amulets of ESP, there is a 1-in-6 chance that there is a third, secret amulet in the set.

Apprentice's Glasses

Minuscule lenses set into impossibly fragile frames. They allow the wearer to read any language, magical or mundane.

Bag of Horse Holding

An otherwise ordinary bag, able to hold any number of horses, donkeys, mules, oxen, llamas, or any similar beasts of burden. While inside, the animals roam free in an idyllic pastoral setting perfectly suited to their particular tastes in grasses and herbaceous plants. The weather there is always perfectly temperate.Any inanimate object or living thing not sufficiently resembling a horse, donkey, mule, ox, llama, or similar beast of burden that enters the bag is lost forever in the Platonic aether.

Bag of Money Holding

A small coin purse. Can hold any amount of precious metals and precious gems, as long as they fit through the opening.

Boots of Levitation

As the Levitate spell, but with unlimited duration, and no limit on height.

Boots of Speed

The wearer can run as fast as a horse for up to one full day at a time. No matter how far they travel, they collapse from exhaustion and must rest for a full day afterward.

Bumblebrod's Wand

A completely unique object in all the various worlds, this wand has killed every person who has ever used it, including Bumblebrod himself. The wielder can cast any spell they can name, without rolling to control it. Every time they do, roll 1d20. If the result is equal to or less than the number of time's they've used Bumblebrod's Wand in their lifetime, their heart instantly stops forever.

Champion's Belt

A simple belt with a huge, tacky buckle. Anyone wearing it treats their Strength as 18, and has +2 AV and +2 damage while fighting without a weapon.

Crystal Ball

Allows the user to view another location up to 102 miles away for one Turn, after which they must lay down and rest for 1d6 hours. Very fragile.

Elven Cloak

Black Elven cloth, light as a feather. Makes the wearer nearly invisible.

Elven Boots

Black Elven cloth, light as a feather. Allow the wearer to move in complete silence.

Flying Broom

A semi-intelligent broom, it comes to its owner's call from up to six miles away. It flies as quickly and nimbly as an adolescent dragon, and can carry up to one rider.

Flying Carpet

A semi-intelligent rug, it comes to its owner's call from up to six miles away. It flies as quickly and nimbly as a turkey buzzard, and can carry up to four riders, or an equivalent amount of equipment.

Horn of Josa

Blown with conviction, the horn emits a silent but powerful sonic wave, collapsing any man-made structure up to 20' in front of it. Has no effect on organic matter or natural structures.

Ogre Gauntlets

Bulky hide gloves, dyed red. They grant +4 AV and +4 damage while using them to wield any oversized wooden club in both hands.

Phase Cloak

A nearly invisible lace cloak. While the wearer is completely still, they appear 1' away from where they actually are, granting +5 effective AC and ST.

Panic Drum

A huge kettle drum the size of a rain barrel, and nearly as heavy. Playing loudly upon it for one Round forces all enemies nearby to test Morale at -2 at the end of the Round.

Scarab of Protection from Religion

A gaudy, golden brooch in the shape of a beetle. While it can't protect you from an actual god, it does make the wearer immune to all rhetoric and magic wielded by a holy person.

Suitor's Mirror

An ornate silver mirror with a doily attached and lightly draped across its face. The first sentient being to remove the doily and gaze into the mirror becomes trapped, body and soul, inside the mirror. From inside, they can peer out of the mirror face, and communicate with the outside, as if it were a window. 1-in-6 chance there's already someone inside.If the mirror breaks, the being inside is released immediately and unharmed. If the spell Remove Curse is cast upon the mirror, it becomes merely a mundane mirror, and any being trapped inside is lost irrevocably.

Tumbler's Pantaloons

Loose pantaloons that end just below the knee, in wide stripes of purple and green. Anyone wearing these always counts as having the proper tools for tasks involving physical speed or agility, and has +4 ST when physical speed or agility is relevant.

Note: You can definitely use any list of spells with spell levels.
These are just the most Vanilla ones I could find.

Spell List

To roll a random spell, roll 1d6 for spell level, then 1d12 for the spell.If the d6 shows a result of 6 when rolling for a new spell at level-up, you may choose any spell you’d like.If the d6 shows a result of 6 when determining a random spell effect, roll two random spell effects.

1d12Level 1Level 2
2.Cure/Cause Light WoundsDetect Invisibility
3. Detect MagicDetect Thoughts
4.Hold PortalDispel Magic
7.Purify Food and DrinkLocate Object
8.Read ScriptsLock/Unlock
9.SleepPhantasmal Force
11.Turn UndeadSpeak with Animals
12.Wizard MarkWeb
1d12Level 3Level 4Level 5
1.Alter TimeConfusionAnimate Dead
2.Create Food and DrinkCure/Cause Serious WoundsCloudkill
3.Crystal BallDimensional PortalCommune
4.Cure/Cause DiseaseHallucinatory TerrainConjure Elemental
5.FireballMass MorphEnervate
6.FlyNeutralize PoisonHold Creature
7.Hold PersonPlant GrowthInsect Plague
8.Invisibility SpherePolymorphPasswall
9.Lightning BoltSpeak with PlantsRaise Dead
10.Protection from MissilesSticks to SnakesTelekinesis
11. Remove CurseWall of Fire or IceTeleport
12.Water BreathingWizard EyeWall of Stone or Iron

Spell Descriptions

Alter Time

Level 3, nearby, 3 turns.When cast, choose Fast or Slow.
- Fast: Up to 24 creatures move and attack at double normal speed.
- Slow: Up to 24 creatures that fail a Saving Throw move and attack at half speed.

Animate Dead

Level 5, nearby, until dawn.Create 1d6 skeletons or zombies from dead bodies. They mostly follow your orders until the next dawn, when they become merely dead again.


Level 2, nearby, 6 turns.When cast, choose Bless or Curse.
- Bless: Target gains +1 AV.
- Curse: Target gains -1 AV.


Level 1, nearby, until dispelled.Affects sapient creatures of human size or smaller. Target makes a Saving Throw or treats the caster as a good friend (with all the responsibility that implies).


Level 5, close, 6 turns.A cloud of poisonous vapors appears where you cast it and moves slowly away from the caster (unless affected by wind). Any creatures with 5 or fewer HD caught in the cloud must make a Saving Throw or die.


Level 5, caster, 1 turn.Higher beings grant answers to three questions you ask. Try not to bother them by casting the spell too often.


Level 4, nearby, 12 turns.You confuse 2d6 people and monsters, causing them to act randomly. When an affected NPC would act, roll 2d6 to see what they do.
- 2-5: Attack the caster and allies.
- 6-8: Stand baffled and inactive.
- 9-12: Attack each other.
Beings with 4 or more HD make a Saving Throw to remain unaffected.

Conjure Elemental

Level 5, nearby, until dispelled.You summon an HD 10 elemental (of any kind) and bind it to your command. The elemental obeys you only when you concentrate on it—if you cease to concentrate, it does whatever it sees fit to do. It seems less than thrilled about being bound.

Create Food and Drink

Level 3, close, instantaneous.You create a one-day supply of simple food and drinking water sufficient for 24 people and horses.

Crystal Ball

Level 3, nearby, 12 turns.When cast, choose Clairaudience or Clairvoyance.
- Clairaudience: You can hear through solid obstacles.
- Clairvoyance: You can see through solid obstacles.

Cure/Cause Disease

Level 3, touch, instantaneous.When cast, choose Cure Disease or Cause Disease.
- Cure Disease: You cure the target of all diseases.
- Cause Disease: You inflict the target with a disease (determined by the GM).

Cure/Cause Light Wounds

Level 1, touch, instantaneous.When cast, choose Cure Light Wounds or Cause Light Wounds.
- Cure Light Wounds: You heal the target 1d6+1 Flesh damage.
- Cause Light Wounds: You inflict 1d6+1 damage on the target.

Cure/Cause Serious Wounds

Level 4, touch, instantaneous.When cast, choose Cure Serious Wounds or Cause Serious Wounds.
- Cure Serious Wounds: You heal the target 2d6+2 Flesh damage.
- Cause Serious Wounds: You inflict 2d6+2 damage on the target.

Detect Invisibility

Level 2, nearby, 5 rounds per level.You can see invisible, hidden, ethereal, or astral beings and objects in your line of sight.

Detect Magic

Level 1, nearby, 2 turns.You see a magical glow on any enchanted being or object within range.

Detect Thoughts

Level 2, touch, 1 turn per level.The target can hear the surface thoughts of those around them, as if the thoughts were spoken aloud.

Dimensional Portal

Level 4, close, 1 round.You instantly transfer the target from its current location to any known spot within 360 feet. If the location is already occupied, the spell fails.

Dispel Magic

Level 2, close, instantaneous.You end an ongoing spell effect cast on a creature or object. If the spell effect is your level or lower, it ends automatically. If the spell effect is higher level, roll 1d6 plus your level over the level of the spell effect to succeed.


Level 5, sight, until dispelled.The target makes a Saving Throw. If they fail, they are unable to speak, cast spells, understand language, or communicate.


Level 3, sight, instantaneous.You throw a ball of fire that detonates on impact, dealing 1d6 fire damage per caster level to everything nearby (Save for half damage).


Level 3, self, 1d6 plus caster level turns.You can fly and hover effortlessly.

Hallucinatory Terrain

Level 4, sight, until dispelled.You make a patch of terrain look, sound, and smell like some other sort of terrain. Affects up to 1 room-sized area per caster level. The illusion ends when an intelligent being attempts to touch the illusion, or when dispelled.

Hold Creature

Level 5, nearby, 1d6 plus caster level turns.You hold up to 1d6 non-sapient beings completely immobile. Affected beings may make a Saving Throw as a free action at the beginning of each of their turns to break free of the spell.

Hold Person

Level 3, nearby, 9 turns.You hold up to 1d6 sapient beings completely immobile. Affected beings may make a Saving Throw as a free action at the beginning of each of their turns to break free of the spell.

Hold Portal

Level 1, close, 9 turns.You secure a door, gate, window or other mundane portal as if it were securely closed and normally locked.

Insect Plague

Level 5, sight, 1 day.Only works outdoors. You gather storm of insects, approximately 20’ in diameter, that goes wherever you direct it. Any creature of HD 2 or fewer caught in the cloud attempts to flee in terror.


Level 2, sight, until dispelled.Target being or object becomes invisible. Lasts until dispelled or the target makes an attack.

Invisibility Sphere

Level 3, sight, 1 turn per caster level.As the Invisibility spell, except all beings and objects within 10’ of the target also become invisible (the invisibility sphere travels with the target).


Level 1, touch, 1 turn.The target may leap straight up, backward, or forward 10’ per caster level. Good for one jump.


Level 2, self, 1 turn per caster level.You can levitate up to 20’ per level, moving vertically up or down. The spell provides no lateral movement.


Level 1, sight, 12 turns.When cast, choose Light or Dark.
- Light: You make target being or object shine as bright as a torch.
- Dark: You engulf target location in a 40’ sphere of night-time darkness.

Lightning Bolt

Level 3, nearby, instantaneous.You produce a 10’-wide bolt of lightning, striking out from your fingertip to a distance of 60’. Anyone in its path takes 1d6 damage per caster level (Save for half damage).

Locate Object

Level 2, caster, 1 round per level.When casting, specify an object you've seen. You know the direction toward the nearest one of that object, as if by compass.


Level 2, touch, instantaneous.When cast, choose Lock or Unlock.
- Lock: Touched door, gate, window, or other mundane portal remains magically sealed until dispelled or Unlock is cast upon it.
- Unlock: Touched door, gate, window, or other mundane portal unlocks, including those held or locked through magical means.

Mass Morph

Level 4, nearby, until dispelled.You make up to one hundred man-sized creatures or objects appear instead as a forest of trees.

Neutralize Poison

Level 4, touch, instantaneous.Negates any further effects a poison may have (though not any it has already had).


Level 5, nearby, 1 turn per level.You create a passage through a wooden, plaster, or stone wall. The passage is up to 10' deep, and up to 5' across.

Phantasmal Force

Level 2, nearby, indefinite.
You conjure a realistic illusion, visible to everyone as if it were really there. The illusion disappears if touched, but a viewer who fully believes it is real can be affected by it.


Level 2, nearby, 1 turn per level.You open a pit in the ground, 10’ square, and a number of feet deep equal to 5 times your caster level.

Plant Growth

Level 4, nearby, indefinite.You make up to 400 square feet of ground suddenly grow into an impassable brush of thorns and vines. Lasts until dispelled.


Level 4, self or nearby, indefinite.You change yourself or a target into another creature. The changed being retains their own mind, Flesh, and Grit, but is otherwise the new creature.Cast upon yourself, the spell lasts a number of hours equal to your level. Cast upon another being, it lasts until dispelled.

Protection from Missiles

Level 3, nearby, 6 turns.You make the target invulnerable to all small, non-magical missiles.

Purify Food and Drink

Level 1, touch, instantaneous.You purify enough food and water for up to a dozen people, removing all spoilage and poisons.

Raise Dead

Level 5, sight, instantaneous.You raise the relatively fresh corpse of a sentient being from the dead. The one that would be raised must make a Saving Throw or remain dead. If successfully raised, it will take a week or two for the formerly-dead to reacclimate to life.

Read Scripts

Level 1, reading distance, 6 turns.You can read directions, instructions, and similar writing in unfamiliar or even unknown languages. Useful for reading magical writing (in scrolls and spellbooks).

Remove Curse

Level 3, touch, instantaneous.You remove one curse from a person or object.


Level 1, sight, instantaneous.You instantly switch places with any object or being you can see.


Level 1, nearby, 6 turns.Roll 2d6 and choose a number of beings whose HD add up to the result—you put them all to sleep for one hour (or until disturbed). You can only affect beings with HD equal to or less than your level.

Speak with Animals

Level 2, self, 6 turns.You can speak with animals nearby. They generally won't attack you, and there is a chance the animals will assist you (if you're kind to them).

Speak with Plants

Level 4, self, 6 turns.You can speak with plants nearby. They obey your commands as much as they can.

Sticks to Snakes

Level 4, nearby, 6 turns.You turn 2d6 normal sticks into living snakes. Each snake has a 1-in-2 chance of being venomous. They follow your commands, but turn back into sticks when the spell ends (or when they're killed).The snakes have 2 Flesh, AC 3, AV 11, and ST 5. They inflict 1 damage when they hit.Any being that takes damage from a venomous snake must Save vs Death (with +2 ST).


Level 5, nearby, 6 turns.You can move objects with your mind—up to 20 pounds per level.


Level 5, touch, instantaneous.You transport yourself or another being to a destination you know. Success depends on how well you know the target location.
- If you have only seen the destination in a picture or on a map, you have a 1-in-3 chance of success.
- If you have seen but not studied the destination, you have a 5-in-6 chance of success.
- If you are intimately familiar with the destination, you have a 19-in-20 chance of success.
A failure results in death for the one who would be teleported.

Turn Undead

Level 1, nearby, 6 turns.2d6 HD of undead flee for 1 hour. Only affects undead with HD equal to or less than the caster's level. If the roll exceeds the total HD of undead affected, they are destroyed instead.

Wall of Fire or Ice

Level 4, close, while concentrating.When cast, choose Wall of Fire or Wall of Ice.
- Wall of Fire: You conjure a wall of fire. Creatures with 3 or fewer HD cannot pass through it, and no creature can see through it. Any beings passing through the fire take 1d6 damage.
- Wall of Ice: You conjure a 6'-thick wall of ice. Creatures with 3 or fewer HD cannot affect the wall, but others may smash through it, taking 1d6 damage in the process.
In either case, the wall is 20' high. You may create a straight wall up to 60' long, or a circular wall with a 15' radius. The wall lasts as long as you devote your entire concentration to it.

Wall of Stone or Iron

Level 5, close, permanent (stone) or 12 turns (iron).When cast, choose Wall of Stone or Wall of Iron.
- Wall of Stone: you conjure a wall of stone 2' thick, with a surface area of 1000 square feet.
- Wall of Iron: You conjure an iron wall 3' thick, with a surface area of 500 square feet.

Water Breathing

Level 3, close, 4 hours.Target can breathe underwater.


Level 2, close, 8 hours.You fill a 10' x 10' x 20' area with fibrous, sticky webs. Any human-sized creatures without fire and blade will require 2d6 turns to break through. Larger creatures, or those with fire and blade, will need half as long.

Wizard Eye

Level 4, sight, 6 turns.You conjure an invisible, magical "eye" that can move a maximum of 240' away from you. It floats along as you direct it. You can choose at any time to see what it sees.

Wizard Mark

Level 1, self, instantaneous.You shoot a stream of octarine paint from your index finger. Only you can see the paint, and you can see it from any distance, even through solid objects. The paint lasts until dispelled.